The mission of WWGM is to generate awareness of GNE Myopathy among patients globally, accelerate development of a therapy for GNE Myopathy, make treatments available and accessible to all patients; and to provide support to patients for leading a fulfilling and safe life.

More specifically, WWGM aims to :

  • Raise awareness of GNE Myopathy worldwide among patients, the general public, government, and non-government organizations, regulatory, and funding agencies, clinicians, and researchers.
  • Globally assist patients exhibiting foot drop to receive proper diagnosis, and other resources in their country. Empower patients in their respective country to carry forth the mission of GNE Myopathy awareness and cure.
  • Assist newly diagnosed patients, their care providers, and family members to understand the disease, manage their condition while continuing their way of life, and provide emotional and other support and assistance.
  • Generate public concern, lobby for more research towards finding and funding a cure for GNE Myopathy in particular; and myopathies in general.
  • Make necessary efforts, including forming liaisons with other organizations of rare diseases, to enable faster regulatory approval for experimental drugs and treatments for GNE Myopathy and other myopathies.
  • Raise awareness among corporate, and industrial organizations to assist in finding jobs for patients, and adapting workplace facilities and infrastructure to enable patients to operate with maximum independence.
  • Develop facilities and living conditions to assist disabled people to live and work safely and comfortably.
  • To promote, assist and/or maintain all activities by whosoever carried on or wherever carried on in India or abroad in conformity with the objects of WWGM.
  •  To generally do any other act which is incidental and/or ancillary to the aforesaid objects.