We have compiled a flyer which provides a simple introduction to GNE Myopathy and is translated by native speakers in many languages. Help us to increase the awareness of GNE-Myopathy globally by translating and printing this page. Please share with doctors, patients, and post on community boards and clinics.

Download flyers in different languages

Arabic (translated by A. Abdullah) Download

Chinese (translated by Min LIN) Download

Dutch (translated by a friend) Download

English Download

French (translated by H. Z. Ben) Download

German (translated by M. Saskia) Download

Gujrati (translated by Deepa Sonpal and Hetal Sondarva) Download

Hindi (tranlated by Munil Verma) Download

Italian (translated by O. Michela) Download

Japanese (translated by S. Yosio) Download

Polish (translated by Aleksandra, B) Download

Spanish (translated by C. Debbie) Download

Turkish (translated by Roberta. C) Download

Parsi (translated by Ms Nahid Morshedlu)Download